Open June 24 to July 4 & December 26 to January 1

Russell's Fireworks

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Quality Fireworks & Low Prices

At Russell's Fireworks, we have at least 450 types of fireworks for you to choose from. We have the widest selection and best pricing for hundreds of miles around. Customers have traveled from as far as Indiana to buy fireworks from us! We have fireworks that are suitable for all ages!

Shelves of Fireworks 24 Shot Excalibur $49.00

Enjoy a Family-Friendly Experience

Our wonderful employees are here to help with any questions you may have. To be honest, we never get complaints; we have only satisfied customers. This is due to our policy of carrying only high-quality fireworks. We never stock inferior products.

Seasonal Dates

We're open every year from June 24 to July 4, and we open again from December 26 to January 1. Some of our most popular types of fireworks include:

500-Gram Multi-Shot Cakes

Excalibur Artillery Shells



Roman Candles

Fire Crackers